Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IKEA Children's table re-do

Sorry for the long little man turned the big "2" this week and we took a very last minute trip to CA to visit my family for his birthday. A 2 month old + 2 year old= super exciting 12 hour drive...complete with exploding diapers and burp up eruptions. But it was so worth it! I"m sure missing the 70 degree weather...

Well, with his birthday, we decided he would love a table of his own size...and man, were we right...he loves this thing! He loves to drive his cars all over it (cars are his latest obsession). And I love that he no longer drives his cars on my poor scratched coffee table.

But, it didn't start out this looked like this
It is seriously putting me to sleep just looking at it...bor-ing. And honestly with a 2 year old, how long is the top of that table gonna stay white? Who thought of that? Maybe Swedish kids are way neater....I doubt it....But, only 19.99 for the table and 2 chairs! Yeah, 20 bucks, I LOVE IKEA! And they don't even pay me to say that!

My little man saw me taking pictures of his table so he grabbed his camera and joined fun!

So we made the amazing transformation for right around 25 bucks! I'm thinking in about a year I'll be flipping the top over and decorating the other side for my little lady with a tea party!

Here's how I did it if you'd like to make one for the little one in your life...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Easy Peasy St. Patty's Garland

So this morning my son has been playing with my scrapbooking paper, and I decided we should make something. I'm usually not a huge St. Patty's decorator, but it's the closest is what we came up with...even with the added two-year old element, it only took about 45 mins from start to finish, and he loves that he helped make it!

It's fun, it's was cheap and easy!
Try to ignore the hideous-ness of the linoleum fake marble fireplace surround...I LOATHE it...but it's a rental so I'm just gonna be glad I have a fireplace...just know that it's not a reflection of my style, at all :).

My son helped trace the shamrocks from a template I made for him, then I cut them out and he handed them to me as I ran them through the sewing machine. Yes, the sewing machine. I iron fabric to walls and sew paper, what a weirdo...If you've never done it before, you just run one piece of the paper through the machine and after you finish, instead of cutting the string, just pull the paper out the back of the machine, while pressing the foot-pedal. After the string which runs through is the length you want, feed the next piece in. Should the string break, just cut it and re-sew over the last piece of attached paper. This is a super easy way of creating any garland....I did it for Valentines day and it was super cute!

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