About Me

HI! My name is Rachel and I'm so excited to have a blog! I'm tad late on the bloggin' trend, but I love looking at others so I FINALLY started my own. I'm a young mom, who crafts and creates between dishes and diaper changes to keep herself sane. I bounce between interests like sewing (from clothing to bags), furniture re-do, holiday decor, cooking, and home decor. Not to mention my discoveries and adventures as a new mom and wife (I have a two year old and a two month old, and had them both in my two, well almost three, years of marriage). It's a crazy fun life I've got and I hope we can share our creativity and ideas on this blog!

Well, I met my handsome husband one night in a hot tub (yeah, a hot tub)  the summer between my sophmore and junior years at BYU....we started dating shortly thereafter...oh oh those summer nights!

About 8 months after that we got engaged....

2 months after that we got hitched in San Diego...

10 months after that we had our (happy honeymoon surprise!), and one month after that we graduated from BYU. He's a business major and I'm a Marriage, Family, and Human Development major.

Here's Our family photo from November...don't I look chubby! That's because in December

A sweet baby girl joined our family!

 Our little beauty!

And baby makes 4!
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